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"Пром-Инжиниринг' 2023"

    Фамилии авторов, название доклада
    Раздел 1. Машиностроение
    Секция 1.1. Конструирование машин и механизмов
    1_1_1Б.А. Шароглазов, В.В. Клементьев,
    Бескривошипный двигатель внутреннего сгорания: аналитика процессов рабочего цикла на номинальном режиме работы
    1_1_2A.V. Muratov, V.V. Lyashenko
    The Design Features of Locomotives with Hybrid Propulsion Systems
    1_1_3Wu Que, M.Yu. Rachkov
    Reconfiguration Mechanism Analysis of the Wheel-Track Robot
    1_1_4O. Krol
    Modified Double-slider Coupling of Multioperational Milling Machine
    1_1_6V.I. Chizhikov, E.V. Kurnasov
    Strain-stress State Control of Multidimensional Resilient Kinematic with Indefinite External Distubance
    1_1_8A. Barykin, R. Galiyev, D. Nuretdinov, R. Takhaviev
    Selection of the Differential Construction Taking Into Account Operational Requirements
    1_1_9V. Syzrantsev, A. Starikov
    Modeling of Generating Cylindrical Gear Arc Teeth Shaping Processes
    1_1_10K. Syzrantseva, K. Kuskov, N. Gonchar, D. Dubrovko
    Updating the Statistical Strength Analysis Method for the Shut-Off Valve Body in Random Loading Conditions
    1_1_11E. Trubachev
    Spiroid Gears as an Alternative to Bevel and Hypoid Gears
    1_1_12A.V. Evseev, I.A. Yuraskova, A.O. Chechuga, G.V. Kasatkin, T.S. Khachlaev
    Mathematical Model for Optimizing the Determination of the Number of Doses of Components Dispensed by Discrete Dispensers to Obtain a Minimum Portion of a Mixture with Specified Probabilistic Characteristics on a Conveyor Nonmixer
    1_1_13A. Pazyak, V. Petrukhin
    Determining Helical Gear Transmission Geometrical Parameters of Top Drive Gearbox
    1_1_14A. Bobkov, M. Krivenko
    Analysis of Factors Reducing the Reliability of Electric Pump Units Bearing of Spacecraft Thermal Control Systems
    1_1_15I.P. Nikitina, A.N. Polyakov
    Improving Thermal Characteristics of Double-sided Face Grinding Machines
    1_1_16Ya.S. Makunina, S.N. Dolmatov, P.G. Kolesnikov
    Operation of Wheel Skidders in Conditions of Insufficient Ground Bearing Capacity
    1_1_18E.V. Balakina, M. S. Kochetov, D. S. Sarbaev
    Design Calculation of the Lateral Tire Stiffness When the Wheel Rotation Plane Is Inclined
    1_1_19P.V. Boslovyak, S. Guo
    Modernization of the jib lifting mechanism design of a truck crane
    1_1_20A.V. Volchenkov, L.G. Nikitina
    Modeling of the Thermal State of a Motor Spindle with a Radial Ventilation System
    1_1_22S. Ivanov, M. Kolesnik, K. Kim
    The Determination of Output Parameters of the Electric Drive of the Sealed Valve of the Main Pipeline
    1_1_24M.K. Sagdatullin
    Statement of the Problem of Stability Cylindrical Panel by the Method of Finite Elements
    1_1_25V.V. Martishkin, O.G. Savostikova, S.N. Yudaev
    Possibility of Achieving Guaranteed reliability of Mechanical Products for Set Service Life
    1_1_26A.I. Popov, A.S. Fumin, S.V. Zakharov, V.P. Tretyakov, M.M. Radkevich
    Method for Selecting Electrodes of Tools for Jet Electrolytic-Plasma Processing
    1_1_27E.A. Petrakova, Yu.I. Brovkina, N.A. Kuzmin
    Parameterization of Body Parts of Vertical Gearboxes in Autodesk Inventor for Solving Research Problems
    1_1_28N.A. Fomenko, O.V. Burlachenko, T.F. Cherednichenko, O G. Chesnokova
    The Optimization of the Grubber Pruning Device Design
    1_1_29B.N. Feshin, L.G. Shpakova, K.M. Tokhmetova
    Hierarchical Management System of the Coal-Winning Complex
    1_1_32A.L. Balaban, V.V. Grechikhin, Yu.V. Yufanova
    Combined Approach to Simulation of Electromagnets in the Levitation System of Ground Transport
    1_1_33M.E. Nikolaev, V.A. Perfilov, E.Yu. Kozlovtseva
    Loading and Transport Unit with an Enlarged Working Area
    Секция 1.2. Динамика машин и рабочих процессов
    1_2_1A. Malozemov, A. Shavlov, K. Gundarev, G. Malozemov
    Influence of the Gases Enthalpy in the Diesel Engine Exhaust Manifold on the Boost Pressure
    1_2_2A.V. Vyboishchik,M.Yu. Popov
    Contemporary Methods for Applying Low-Waste and Non-Waste Technologies in Producing Chromium- and Titanium-Containing Pigments
    1_2_3D.V. Kondratov, T.S. Kondratova, V.S. Popov, M.V. Popova
    Modeling Hydroelastic Response of the Channel Wall Resting on a Nonlinear Elastic Foundation
    1_2_5V.G. Avgustinovich, T.A. Kuznetsova, A.I. Fatykov, V.O. Fofanov
    Correlation between Pressure Pulsations and the Pilot Fuel Ratio in a Dle Combustor of a Gas Turbine Engine as an Evaluation Criteria for the Fuel-Air Mixture Homogeneity
    1_2_6Sh. Buzikov, O. Buzikova, M. Motovilova
    Evaluation of Dynamic Parameters of Nozzle and Sprayer Operation on Mixed Fuel
    1_2_8I.V. Kudryavtsev, L.K. Malykhina, S.S. Morozov, O.I. Rabetskaya, A.E. Mityaev
    Support Coefficients for a Spring-Hinged Beam at Vibration and Buckling
    1_2_9S. Ivannikov, I. Manaenkov, M. Krutyakova
    Parametric Reliability of Metalworking Equipment
    1_2_13S.D. Shepelev, M.V. Pyataev, E.V. Shalonkina
    Theoretical and Experimental Studies of the Tractive Resistance of a Spring-Tooth Harrow with a Parallelogram Section Mount System
    1_2_16L.V. Plotnikov, N.I. Grigoriev, K.O. Desyatov
    Stationary Gas Dynamics and Heat Transfer of Turbulent Gas Flow in the Cylinder and Exhaust System of a Reciprocating Engine
    1_2_17O.V. Abyzov, Yu.V. Galyshev, A.A. Metelev, Luo Xinyao
    Computational Study of Combustion and Emissions Characteristics in Ammonia-Powered Gas-Diesel Engine
    1_2_18V.A. Markov, P.B. Barchenko, V.A. Neverov, M.I. Shlenov, E.A. Savastenko
    Transient Processes of Piston Engines with Various Forms of External Speed Characteristic
    1_2_19E.T. Plaksina, M.D. Plamennova, A.B. Syritskii, N.S. Lozhkin
    Development of a System for Monitoring Torsional Oscillations of the Crankshaft Based on the Phase Chronometric Method
    1_2_20С.Л. Букин, В.Н. Беловодский
    Супергармонический инерционный вибропривод на базе одношарнирной карданной передачи
    1_2_21V. Shepelev, A. Gritsenko, A. Vorobyev, B. Kaliyev, O. Fadina
    Increasing the Robustness of Modern Turbocharging Systems Using a Hydraulic Accumulator and Oil Circulation
    1_2_22D.M. Shprekher, E.B. Kolesnikov, D.S. Ovsyannikov
    Adaptive Scraper Conveyor Loading Control System
    1_2_23A.A. Abyzov
    Estimation of Fatigue Life under Multivariable Loading Using the Corrected Linear Damage Summation Hypothesis
    1_2_24A.N. Savkin, A.A. Sedov, K.A. Badikov, А.А. Baryshnikov
    Modeling of Fatigue Crack Growth Kinetics under Biharmonic Loading
    1_2_25K.K. Abishev, A.Zh. Kasenov, A.D. Suleimenov, R.B. Mukanov, A.V. Mazdubay
    Reduction of Torsional Vibrations in the Transmission of Transport Vehicles
    Секция 1.3. Трение, смазка, износ машин
    1_3_2P.I. Malenko, O.B. Kryuchkov, A.E. Boldyrev
    Corrosion and Fatigue at Steel Fretting Damage
    1_3_3Т. Дайюб, А.В. Максимкин
    Влияние графеновых нанопластин/полианилина на структуру, механические и трибологические свойства ориентированных лент СВМПЭ
    1_3_4I.A. Mikhaylov, K.V. Sukhareva, E.A. Mamin, Yu.O. Andriasyan, A.A. Popov
    Operating Resource Prolongation of Diaphragms for Tire Shaping and Vulcanizing Presses
    1_3_5V.V. Alisin
    Advancements in High Temperature Cylindrical Joints Tribological Properties
    1_3_6V.I. Kolesnikov, O.V. Kudryakov, V.N. Varavka, A.I. Voropaev, E.S. Novikov
    Comparative Analysis of Tribological Nitride and Carbon PVD-Coatings Deposited on a Nitrided Steel Substrate
    1_3_7V.V. Martyshkin, A.P. Adylina, A.R. Chestnyh, A.Ya. Klochkov, D.E. Kashirin
    Principles of Guaranteed Reliability Provision for Agricultural Equipment
    1_3_8A. Bolotov, V. Novikov, O. Novikova
    The Effect of Magnetic Nanoparticles on Lubricating Properties of Magnetic Oils under Boundary Friction
    1_3_9P.V. Kharlamov
    Analysis of Secondary Structure Formation During Modification of Steel Friction Surfaces
    1_3_10A.N. Bolotov, I.A. Smolyakova, L.E. Afanasieva
    Magnetic Lubricating Fluids with Novel Dispersion Media
    1_3_12A.I. Izotov, V.N. Tymoshenko, S.А. Izotov, I.V. Gubin
    Antifriction Composite Inserts for Current-Removing Brushes of Electric Machines
    1_3_13O.A. Belyak, I.V. Kolesnikov, T.V. Suvorova
    Modeling of Tribological Properties of Self-Lubricating Composite Materials
    1_3_14A.N. Zayatzev, J.I. Shoucheng, Y.P. Alexandrova
    An Experimental Study of Tribological Properties of Threaded Joints Inconel 718 ? Grade 660 With a Solid Lubricant Based on MoS2
    Секция 1.4. Конструкторско-технологическое обеспечение машиностроительных производств
    1_4_2L. Kondratenko, L. Mironova
    Stem Bending of Gun Drill for Deep Hole Machining
    1_4_3V.V. Lyashenko, A.V. Muratov
    Using Lean Production Tools to Optimize the Business Processes of Locomotive Stock Units of Russian Railroads OJSC
    1_4_5R. Khusainov, E. Gainiyeva, G. Davletshina, B. Zairov
    Modeling Volumetric Errors in the Working Area of a Vertical Milling Machine
    1_4_6M.V. Vartanov, Nguyen Van Linh
    Determination of the Friction Coefficient Using a Force Torque Sensor During the Robotic Assembly of a Non-Rigid Shaft with a Rigid Sleeve
    1_4_7А.И. Никоноров
    Оценка риска неприемлемой производительности при выборе оборудования механообрабатывающих производств
    1_4_8V.F. Bulavin, T.G. Bulavina, D.V. Koshutin
    Engineering Support & Infrastructure of Small – Sized Mechanical Engineering Companies
    1_4_9D.S. Ershov, T.A. Levina, A.V. Malahov, R.Z. Khayrullin, A.A. Galishnikov
    To the Design of Medium- and Long-Term Programs of Innovative Development of Some Areas of Mechanical Engineering
    1_4_12V. Malikov, A. Ishkov, S. Voinash, R. Zagidullin, L. Sabitov
    Automated Control of the Conductivity of Thin Films Using the Eddy Current Method
    1_4_13V. Lebedev, Yu. Torop, O. Baryshnikova, N. Koval, A. Kochetov
    Technological Effect of Hole Calibration in the Conditions of Ultrasonic Exposure to the Part
    1_4_14D. Glazunov, N. Osipova, N. Repeshko, M. Mukonina
    Cross-platform Simulator for Railway University Students
    1_4_15N.A. Sukhova, R.S. Khmyrov, Y.O. Pristinsky
    Development of Technology for Spark Plasma Sintering of High-Entropy Target Cathodes for Synthesis of Wear-Resistant Coatings on Cutting Tools
    1_4_18M. Prakhova, Yu. Shishkina, P. Krasnova
    The Smart System to Supply Methanol to the Gas-Gathering Network
    1_4_19A. Krasnov
    The Distributed Automated System to Supply Methanol to the Gas-Gathering Network
    1_4_20V.V. Matrosova, M.V. Arkhipov, D.V. Silyakov
    Laser quality control system for robotic machining system
    1_4_22V.N. Sidorov, S.G. Nizhnik
    Method of Tool-Electrode Design for Electrochemical Machining of Multi-Stage Conical Hole by Rotating Electrodes
    1_4_24P. Kalish, V. Volgin, A. Malakho
    Automated Design of Tooling for the Production of Tape Prepreg Based on Thermoplastic Polymers
    1_4_66М.В. Вартанов, Нгуен Ван Линь
    Определение величины коэффициента трения с использованием силомоментного датчика при роботизированной сборке нежесткого вала с жесткой втулкой
    Секция 1.5. Конструирование машин и механизмов
    1_5_2V.A. Ryzhikov
    Resonance Phenomena in Vehicle Suspension
    1_5_3V.S. Velikanov, N.V. Dyorina, E.A. Gasanenko, E.A. Pikalova
    Development of a Neuro-Fuzzy Matlab Model for Assessing the Wear Rate of Crusher Liners
    1_5_4М.Г. Бояршинов, А.С. Вавилин
    Статистические показатели транспортного затора на городской улично-дорожной сети
    1_5_6E.V. Pantyukhina, I.V. Puzikov, O.A. Erzin
    Scientific basis of design of automatic hopper feeding device for three-piece caps
    1_5_9E.V. Zenkov, L.B. Tsvik
    Structural Strength Modelling Methods for Solid-Rolled Railway Wheels
    1_5_15V.A. Krutova
    Theoretical Study of Sound Radiation of Bearing Frames of Overhead Cranes
    Секция 1.6. Механическая обработка материалов
    1_6_1E. Fominov, C. Shuchev, V. Sukhomlinova, O. Pyatnitzkaya, A. Barkov
    Influence of Geometric Parameters of the Secondary Plastic Deformations Zone On the Temperature Distribution on the Rake Face of the Lathe Cutter
    1_6_2M.R. Gimadeev, A.A. Li
    Tool condition monitoring techniques for milling
    1_6_3Yu.A.Tempel, O.A. Tempel, Yu.V. Surmyatova, R.Y. Nekrasov
    Digital Technologies Within the Accuracy of Processing Low-Rigid Workpieces on CNC Machines
    1_6_4А.В. Савилов, С.А. Тимофеев, Г.В. Матлыгин, В.А. Ушаков
    Исследование обрабатываемости резанием быстрорежущей стали
    1_6_7M.Sh. Migranov, S.R. Shekhtman, A.S. Gusev
    Synthesizing Low-Wear Cathodic Coatings from Multi-Component Alloys with a High-Entropy Effect
    1_6_8В.А. Ушаков, А.С. Пятых, М.С. Моисеева, Ф.С. Костенко
    К вопросу расчета сил резания при вихревом резьбонарезании
    1_6_9V.P. Lapshin, I.A. Turkin, O.V. Zimovnov
    Studies of the Influence of the Contact Temperature on the Buoyancy Force When Turning Metals
    1_6_10E. Kolganova, A. Shishkina, G. Sanamyan
    Prospects for the Application of Granular Media from Natural Materials to Improve the Quality of Coating Surfaces
    1_6_11A.V. Karpov
    The Use of the Index of Chip-Forming Specific Energy Intensity for Determining and Controlling the Machinability of Structural Material in Adaptive Technological Cutting Systems
    1_6_13A. Gritsenko, V. Shepelev, S. Baryshnikov, E. Tsybunov, D. Nevolin
    Reconditioning Turbocharger Shafts Through Electrocontact Sintering with Powder Metal Mixtures
    1_6_14M.N. Nagorkin, V.P. Fyodorov
    Determination of the Adhesive Component Parameters of Friction Ratio of Tool Indentor with the Surface When Processing Parts by Surface Plastic Deformation
    1_6_15Д.В. Чащилов, К.С. Манухина, Л.А. Злочевский, И.Н. Павлов
    Оценка удельной энергии разволокнения при механической обработке листовой целлюлозы применительно к расчёту мельницы ударного действия
    1_6_16M.A. Volosova, A.E. Seleznev, A.M. Migranov
    Tribological Properties of Innovative Composite Nanostructured Coatings for High-Speed Turning
    1_6_17D.A. Barchukov, I.A. Smolyakova, L.E. Afanasieva
    The Effect of Cryogenic Treatment on the Structural Phase State of the Gas-Laser Cut Surface of High-Speed Steel
    1_6_19L.A. Glebov, I.N. Erdakov, L.V. Radionova, D.V. Gromov, E.V. Safonov
    Influence of Trajectories During Direct Metal Deposition on Mechanical Properties of the Ti6Al4V Alloy
    1_6_20L.V. Radionova, R.A. Lisovskiy, A.E. Sarafanov, S.R. Faizov, I.N. Erdakov
    Analysis of Deformation Behavior for Titanium Alloys at Elevated Temperature
    1_6_21Радионова Л.В., Громов Д.В., Лисовский Р.А., Фаизов С.Р., Хламкова С.С., Глебов Л.А.
    Анализ влияния технологических параметров на скорость деформации при экструзии проволоки
    Секция 1.7. Промышленные гидравлические и пневматические системы и оборудование
    1_7_2A.D. Kolga, V.A. Alexandrov, R.T. Galiakhmetov
    Development of an Improved Hydraulic Drive of Agricultural Machines for The Conditions of the Urals and Siberia
    1_7_4M.V. Vecherkin, A.S. Sarvarov, I.G. Samarina
    Modeling the Aerodynamic Parameters of Centrifugal Fans with an Axial Distributor
    Раздел 3. Энергетика
    Секция 3.1. Интеллектуальные системы электроснабжения
    3_1_1V.S. Liventsov, S.S. Kostinsky
    Increasing Accuracy of Total Power Loss Calculations for Package-Analyzed Power Supply System
    3_1_2M.I. Danilov, I.G. Romanenko
    On the Calculation of Distribution Network Parameters by Automated Metering Systems when Connecting Single-Phase Subscribers to Different Sections of the Neutral Wire
    3_1_6N.E. Konoplev, B.S. Kompaneets, S.F. Nefedov
    Development of an Algorithm for Selecting the Optimal Voltage of an Electric Grid Section Based on the Penalty Functions Method
    3_1_7P.R. Kazak, K.O. Kochmarev, D.A. Pavluchenko
    Major Areas in the Topic of Charging Station Infrastructure: A Statistical Analysis and Literature Review
    3_1_8A.M. Gataullin, D.F. Gubaev, R.V. Gataullina
    Software and Hardware System of Monitoring High-Voltage Electric Equipment Based on the Analysis of Partial Discharge Characteristics
    3_1_9Yu.N. Kondrashova, O.V. Gazizova, E.F. Ivanov
    Study of the Sustainability of Industrial Power Plants when Moving to Island Regime as a Result of a Sudden Short Circuit
    3_1_10И.Н. Колосок, Е.С. Коркина
    Применение процедуры оценивания состояния для повышения кибер-физической устойчивости ИЭС
    3_1_12F. Byk, L. Myshkina
    Integration of Local Intellectual Power Systems: Conditions and Effects
    3_1_13S. Litvinov, G. Filatova, N. Kuzmina
    Development and Testing of a Methodology for Studying Digital Instrument Transformers under Conditions of Arc Intermittent Single-Phase Ground Faults
    3_1_16K. Volkhov, D. Titov
    Diagnostics of Overhead Line Insulator State based on Leakage Current Regression Analysis
    3_1_17O. Akhmedova, D. Titov, K. Volkhov
    Analysis of Existing Diagnostic Methods for the Linear Insulator Risk-Based Maintenance
    3_1_18A. Kudryavtsev, I. Pavlov, V. Zatsepina
    Computational Interaction between BIM and SAP for Modelling Overhead Cable Deformation in High Voltage Substations
    3_1_19A. Kudryavtsev, I. Pavlov, V. Zatsepina
    Real-Time Modelling as Part of Building a Digital Substation
    3_1_23E.A. Panova, R.R. Sabirova, I.V. Novikov, E.A. Sotnichenko
    Application of the Refined Combined Equivalent Circuit for Modeling Double-Circuit Power Lines in the Problem of Remote Fault Location
    Секция 3.2. Малая распределенная энергетика
    3_2_1В.М. Пупин, В.А. Закутнов, О.В. Фёдоров
    Исследования запаса статической устойчивости ЭТС с собственной генерацией в составе комплекса очистных сооружений
    3_2_2P.V. Ilyushin, S.P. Filippov, E.E. Boyko
    Towards More Accurate Load Modeling in Calculations of Transients in Energy Grids with Distributed Energy Resources
    3_2_3T. Musaev, M. Khabibulin, O. Fedorov
    Multifactor Regression Model for Forecasting Production Power Consumption in Electric Grids
    3_2_4L. Gurina, T. Zoryna
    Distributed Energy: Benefits of Use and Threats to Cybersecurity
    3_2_5R.A. Maleev, E.A. Ryabykh, Y.M. Shmatkov
    Charger for Capacitive Energy Storage Devices with High Energy Parameters
    3_2_6G.P. Kornilov, O.V. Gazizova, A.E. Morshchakin
    Group Regulation of the Excitation of Synchronous Generators at Industrial Power Plants when Entering Autonomous Work with the Energy System
    3_2_8V. Sergeev, Yu. Pisarevskiy, L. Titova
    Ensuring an Uninterrupted Power Supply to Modern Autonomous Facilities
    3_2_9Yu.V. Piskovatskiy, R.G. Mustafin
    Development of a Turn-to-Turn Fault Detection Method in the Three-Phase Transformer?s Winding
    3_2_10N. Moskalenko, A. Akhmetshin, G. Marin
    Fine-structure Spectroscopy, Spectroradiometry of Combustion Products of Energy Fuels and Their Application in Power Engineering
    Секция 3.3. Возобновляемая энергетика
    3_3_1Y. Yang, E. Solomin, Y. Zhou
    Non-Linear Autoregressive Neural Network Based Wind Direction Prediction for the Wind Turbine Yaw System
    3_3_5A.V. Prudiy, Yu.M. Lyashenko, A.A. Nasonov
    Physical Modeling Concept for Transient Process in Road Power Plant With Slider-Rocker Converter
    3_3_7O.Yu. Maryasin, A. Plohotnyuk
    Day-Ahead Power Forecasting of Renewable Energy Sources Using Neural Networks and Machine Learning
    3_3_8V.Yu. Vasilev, B.S. Kompaneets
    Assessment of Meteorological Parameters Group Impact on the Wind Energy Resources of an Area
    3_3_9R.T. Khazieva, A.V. Mukhametshin
    Investigation of Current Sensors for Protection of the Regulated Voltage Source of the Resonant Test Device
    3_3_11O. Grigorash, V. Tropin, P. Baryshev
    Mobile Compact Solar Power Plant for Small Farms
    3_3_12A.O. Egorov, O.A. Pichugova
    The Study of the Structure and Degree of Development of the Hydropower Potential in Russia
    3_3_14A.Egorov, A. Savosina
    The Analysis of the Structure of Power and Electricity Balances in the Power Systems of the CIS and Baltic Countries
    3_3_15N. Bogatyrev, E. Denisenko, V. Parhomenko
    WPP with an Autonomous Valve Generator for Combined Operation with Solar Panels
    3_3_16N. Samarskaya, E. Lysova, E. Kotlyarova
    A Scientifically Based Choice of the Most Appropriate Design Features of a Wind Power Plant to Improve the Environmental Safety of the Region
    3_3_17V. Shteling, P. Shcherbakov, A.T. Komov
    Heat Transfer of a High-Temperature Surface by a Dispersed Coolant Flow
    3_3_18Yu.N. Kondrashova, A.M. Tretyakov, A.V. Shalimov
    Assessment of Possibilities of Applying Mechanical Means of Energy Storage for Adapting Renewable Energy Sources to Power Supply of Ferrous Metallurgy Enterprises
    3_3_19N.S. Barakin, A.V. Bogdan, A.V. Kvitko
    Computer Simulation on the Basis of SIMINTECH Asynchronous Wind Generator
    3_3_20K. Andreeva, A. Vasileva, A. Vaskov
    Impact of Partial Solar Eclipse on Solar Radiation Intensity
    3_3_22Д.Л. Карелин, А.В. Болдырев, С.В. Болдырев, Т.Ю. Колбина
    Анализ испарительного и жидкостного методов охлаждения блоков топливных элементов методом относительных энергетических показателей
    3_3_23E.V. Korbova, M.S. Lipkin, E.A. Vilbitskaya
    Diagnostics of Lithium-Ion Batteries by Electrochemical Impedance Methods
    3_3_24E.V. Korbova, T.V. Lipkina, N.A. Vilbitskaya
    Electrochemical Capacitor Anode Material Based on Composite Electrochemical Coating
    3_3_25A.S. Demidov, A.V. Zakharenkov, A.T. Komov
    Surface Cooling Exposed to High Thermal Load by Dispersed Flow
    3_3_26D. Fomenko, M. Kostoev, A. Vaskov
    Review of Ultra-Short-Term Solar Radiation Prediction Methods
    3_3_27A.Z. Kulganatov, E.V. Solomin, A.A. Berestinov
    Comparative Evaluation of Ways to Use the Waste Heat of a Wind Turbine
    3_3_28Н.В. Руденко, А.Э. Васильев
    Использование волновой энергии для автономного электроснабжения объектов Дальнего Востока
    3_3_29O. Medvedeva, T. Sautkina
    Comparative Analysis of the Magnetizing Ability of Devices for Magnetic Water Treatment
    3_3_31G.R. Mingaleeva, M.F. Nabiullina, D.N. Pham
    Efficiency of the Energy Complex when Using a Hybrid Mini-HPS in the Republic of Vietnam
    3_3_32D. Tryakin, P. Shurkalov
    Investigation of Temperature Effect on Photovoltaic Modules of the Nizhne-Bureyskaya Floating Solar Power Plant
    3_3_33В.А. Починская, Д.В. Топольский, И.М. Ячиков, А.Е. Беляков
    Применение технологии цифровых двойников для кристаллизатора машины непрерывного литья заготовок
    Секция 3.4. Качество электрической энергии и электромагнитная совместимость
    3_4_1A. Sukiyazov, I. Pugachev, D. Sumin
    Device for Express Registration of Power Quality of Renewable Sources
    3_4_2O.V. Vorkunov, Yu.O. Samofalov, V.M. Butakov
    Physical Processes in Vacuum Circuit Breakers under Switching Overvoltages
    3_4_3A.A. Pesterev, S.S. Kostinsky
    Plug-In Software for the Phase Distribution of Single-Phase Consumers in Electric Grids Used in Digital Twin Design and Development Based on the BIM Technology
    3_4_4Z. Gizatullin, R. Gizatullin
    Crosstalk in Interconnects of Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards in the Form of Twisted Pairs
    3_4_5Z. Gizatullin, M. Shkinderov
    Increasing the Noise Immunity of the Electronic Access Control System under the Influence of ESD Impulse Interferences
    3_4_6G. Reutin, Yu. Zatsarinnaya, R. Gainullin
    Investigation in Complex Symmetrical Modes of Electrical Power System
    3_4_7B. Utkin, N. Grachev, M. Utkin
    Ensuring Electromagnetic Compatibility on Mobile Objects by Predicting the Spectral Characteristics of Contact Radio Interference
    3_4_8A.A. Kuvshinov, V.V. Vakhnina, A.N. Chernenko
    Increasing Transmission Capacity for 110 kV HV Line
    3_4_9N.N. Ivanova, L.N. Vasileva, E.M. Artykaeva
    To the Calculation of Electric Machines by the Method of Separation of Variables Using Symbolic Calculations
    3_4_10K. Malygin, A. Nosov, R. Surovtsev
    Analysis and Parametric Optimization of a Turn of a Meander Microstrip Line in Various Environments
    3_4_11D. Artamonov, N. Grachev, B. Utkin
    The Main Factors Influencing the Effectiveness of the Noise-Resistant Method of Information Transmission
    3_4_12E.B. Chernikova, V.P. Kosteletskii, A.M. Zabolotsky
    Analytical Models for Calculating the Time Response of a Four-Conductor Transmission Lines in Differential and Common Modes
    3_4_13V.P. Kosteletskii, E.B. Chernikova, A.M. Zabolotsky
    Development of a High Current Protection Device against Ultrashort Pulse
    3_4_15M.A. Samoylichenko, T.R. Gazizov
    Single Modal Reservation of Flexible Printed Cables
    3_4_16N. Kuzmin, Ye. Zhechev
    Assessing Shielding Effectiveness of Magnetodielectric-Filled Enclosures using the Robinson and Thomas Model
    3_4_17M.A. Samoylichenko, Ye.S. Zhechev, T.R. Gazizov
    Attenuating Ultra-Short Pulses in Coplanar Waveguide Modal Filters
    Секция 3.5. Силовая электроника, электрические машины и электроприводы
    3_5_1A.I. Vlasov, K.V. Selivanov, I.O. Kovalev
    Investigation of Quality and Identity of Similar Electronic Components from Different Manufacturers
    3_5_2A.A. Alekseev, E.V. Krasilnikyants, V.V. Tyutikov
    Three-Region Control System for High-Speed Spindles
    3_5_3A.V. Shestakov
    Dynamic Model of AC Commutator Motor with Due Regard for the Influence of Saturation and Magnetic Lag Angle
    3_5_4A.A. Kuvshinov, A.N. Chernenko, R.N. Pudovinnikov
    Identifying Operating Parameters of Synchronous Generator that are the Most Sensitive to Impacts of Quasi-Constant Currents on Unit Transformer
    3_5_6O.A. Filina, K. Vakhitov, O.V. Salnikova
    Control Methods and Structure of DC Motor Control System
    3_5_7O. Fedyai, A. Bychkov, V. Vakhnina
    Investigation of the Influence of AEC of Synchronous Generators on the Functioning of the Block “Synchronous Generator - Power Transformer” under the Influence of Quasi-Direct Currents
    3_5_9E. Koptjaev, A.J. Marques Cardoso
    A New Brushless Generator with Salient Poles
    3_5_10E. Koptjaev, A.J. Marques Cardoso
    A New Brushless Generator with Nonsalient Poles
    3_5_11E. Koptjaev, A.J. Marques Cardoso
    A Brushless Monopolar Generator with Longitudinal Excitation from Nonsalient Poles
    3_5_15D. Sorokin, S. Volskiy, A. Kornev
    High-Voltage Impulse Converter
    3_5_16E. Mirgorodskaya, N. Mityashin, M. Mamonychev
    Multilevel Waveforming Inverter Output Voltage Stabilization Technique Based on Short-Term Load Current Prediction
    3_5_18A.M. Stoynova, P.A. Rashitov, O.W. Dergachova
    Device for Combined Regulation of Booster Voltage
    3_5_19A. Alzakkar, E. Gracheva, Yu. Samofalov
    An Analytical Study of the Electrical Power Consumption in the Industrial City (Adra – Syria)
    3_5_20F.R. Ismagilov, I.F. Sayakhov, E.A. Pronin
    Comparison of Output Characteristics for Various Designs of a 260 kW Fault-Tolerant Aircraft Electric Motor Based On Electromagnetic and Thermal Calculation
    3_5_21A.P. Mikitinskiy, B.N. Lobov, V.V. Smirnov
    Use of Adaptive Electromechanical Tension Control System when "Wet" Winding of Composite Material Products
    3_5_23N.V. Klinachev, N.Y. Kuleva, P.O. Shaburov
    Asynchronous Vector Drive Status Monitor
    3_5_24A.V. Kashuba, A.V. Shevkunova
    Development of Switched Reluctance Motor Control Algorithm Based on Finite Element Calculations
    3_5_25M. Ivanov, R. Khazieva, R. Sattarov
    Multifunctional Integrated Electromagnetic Component Windings Resistance
    3_5_27E.R. Enikeeva, N.N. Alaeva
    Analysis of Operation and Ways to Improve the Efficiency of the Pumping Unit
    3_5_28N. Malev, A. Vasiliev, A. Cvetkovich
    Analysis of the Dynamic Characteristics of an Asynchronous Motor under Parametric Disturbances Using Sensitivity Equations
    3_5_29A. Stulov, A. Tikhonov, A. Karzhevin
    Structure Design and Mathematical Apparatus of Electromechanical Equipment Digital Twin Generator
    3_5_31F.R. Ismagilov, I.F. Sayakhov, A.S. Argakov
    Influence of the Cross-Section of the Ribs on the Cooling of the Stator of an Electric Machine
    3_5_32A.D. Petrushin, M. Tulyaganov
    Optimization of Dynamic Modes of an Asynchronous Electric Drive
    3_5_34V.Ye. Vavilov, A.A. Zherebtsov, E.A. Pronin
    An Attempt to Obtain a Nitrogenous Austenite Phase in the Processing of Cobalt Steel by Vacuum Ion-Plasma Nitriding
    3_5_37D. Belkova, V. Anosov, V. Kaveshnikov
    Application of the Maximum Principle for Optimizing an Active Current Subharmonic Filter
    3_5_38V. Meshcheryakov, A. Muravyev, A. Markov, A. Boikov
    Corrected System of Frequency-Current Control of Induction Motor with Phase Wound with Improved Energy and Dynamic Performance
    3_5_39I.V. Bryakin, I.V. Bochkarev, V.R. Khramshin
    Electromagnetic Acceleration Transducer with Eddy Current Transformation
    3_5_40I.V. Bryakin, I.V. Bochkarev, V.R. Khramshin
    New Ferroprobe Excitation Method and Modulator Variant for its Implementation
    3_5_43Tao Jing, Aleksandr S. Maklakov, Aleksandr A. Nikolaev, Alexey S. Antonenko
    Changing Preprogrammed Selective Harmonic Eliminated PWM for Three-Level NPC AFE Rectifier
    Раздел 4. Системы управления и автоматизации технологических процессов и объектов
    Секция 4.1. Системы и технологии управления
    4_1_2V.A. Kramar
    The Parametric Transfer Function Of The Non-Stationary AUV And Mothership Docking System Properties Analysis
    4_1_4K. Mavlonazarov, D. Salip, A. Razumowsky
    Using a Multi-Agent System to Detect Space Debris
    4_1_5D. Salip, K. Mavlonazarov, A. Razumowsky
    Optimization of Energy Consumption by Autonomous Electric Trucks during Cargo Transportation Based on the Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm
    4_1_8A. Vozmilov, A. Lisov, V. Urmanov
    Study and Mathematical Modeling of an Adaptive Controller with a Self-Tuning System
    4_1_9R. Faizrakhmanov, A. Platunov, M. Bahrami
    Smart Home User Interface: Development and Comparison
    4_1_10А.Н. Жирабок, Е.Ю. Бобко, Ким Чхун Ир
    Построение функциональных наблюдателей
    4_1_11A. Zhirabok, A. Zuev, A. Shumsky
    Canonical Forms in Problems of Estimation
    4_1_12E.L. Eremin, L.V. Nikiforova, E.A. Shelenok
    Nonlinear Robust Repetitive Control System for One Class of Undefined Input Saturated Plants
    4_1_16B. Skorohod, P. Zhilyakov
    Steering the AUV into the Vicinity of a Given Object Based on Observations of the Viewing Angle
    4_1_19V. Gvozdev, A. Davlieva, R. Galimov
    Rapid Assessment of MANET Reliability Trends
    4_1_20A.N. Ragozin, A.D. Pletenkova
    Building a Forecast Using a Linear Prediction Filter for the Purpose of Detecting Anomalies in the Signals of Automated Process Control Systems
    4_1_27M. Khachumov, V. Khachumov
    The Model of Managing a Group of UAVs by a Single Operator for Tasks Requiring Increased Attention
    4_1_28Д.В. Чернов, В.В. Котов, С.Ю. Борзенкова
    Построение комплексной системы информационной безопасности АСУ ТП
    4_1_29A. Makshanov, A.A. Musaev, D.A. Grigoriev
    Chaotic Rhythms as Indicators of Faults in Technical Systems
    4_1_30A. Yablokov, A. Panashatenko, A. Tychkin
    Prospects for Using of New Types of Current Transformers for Differential Protection for Transformers
    4_1_31R. Faizrakhmanov, A. Platunov, M. Bahrami
    Smart Home User Interface: Overview
    4_1_32E.Yu. Puzina, I.A. Khudonogov
    Investigation of the Problem of Feeding the External Power Supply Network From the Side of the Contact Network of Electrified Railway Transport in the Event of an Interruption in the Transit of Electricity
    4_1_34A.A. Gribanov, A.A. Meshcheryakova, A.V. Starikov
    Research and Development of a Unit for the Electrochemical Activation Water
    4_1_35S.V. Shalobanov, S.S. Shalobanov
    Algorithm For Searching For Multiple Structural Defects In Automatic Control Systems Using Sensitivity Functions
    4_1_36L. Martinova, N. Fokin
    Development of a Cross-Platform Software Application for Programming CNC Machine Tools
    4_1_39M. Gliznitsa, N. Silkina
    Application of R-CED Model to Remove Noise from Recordings of Industrial Machine Sound
    4_1_40Г.И. Грозовский, Т.А. Левина, В.Е. Носкова
    Адаптивность системы менеджмента качества к внешним и внутренним факторам на промышленных предприятиях
    4_1_41D.V. Efanov, V.V. Khoroshev, G.V. Osadchy
    Principles of Safety Signalling and Traffic Control Systems Synthesis on Railways
    4_1_42E. Jharko, K. Chernyshov
    Intelligent Support Systems for NPP Operators: Dynamic Modeling and Operational Diagnostics
    4_1_43E. Merzlikina, G. Sviridov, G. Farafonov
    Implementation of Predictive Control System with PID-Algorithm and Autotuning Module Using Owen PLC
    4_1_44С.А.К. Диане, А.В. Кузнецов, Д.В. Степанов
    О согласовании скоростей движения БПЛА и мобильной зарядной станции в задаче мониторинга протяженного объекта
    4_1_45М.C. Припотнев, С.А.К. Диане, Д.В. Акуловский
    Модели и алгоритмы управления группой мобильных роботов в задаче уборки урожая
    4_1_46S.A. Dubovik, A.A. Kabanov
    Highly Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Control Systems Synthesis via Asymptotic Methods
    4_1_49N.P. Shalobanova, S.S. Shalobanov
    Diagnosis of Continuous Dynamical Systems Using Structural Sensitivity Functions
    4_1_50A. Knyazev, S. Jatsun, A. Fedorov
    Algorithm of Personalized Adjustment of the Active-Passive Mechanotherapy Device for the Ankle Joint
    4_1_51E. Jharko
    Critical Information Systems: Software Quality and Dependability
    4_1_53N. Krotova, R. Pushkov, S. Evstafieva
    Development of a Trajectory Planning Algorithm for Moving Measuring Instrument for Binding a Basic Coordinate System Based on a Machine Vision System
    4_1_54I. Jumanov, R. Safarov
    Optimization of Recognition of Microorganisms Based on Histological Information Structures of Images
    4_1_55S. Efimov, O. Emelyanova, A. Pechurin
    Movement Control Algorithm for Tiltrotor with Controlled Thrust Vector in Transient Mode
    4_1_57M. Popov, K. Orlova, A. Romanov
    Implementation of Ultra High Definition Video Output with Zynq-7000 for CNC Machines and Industrial Equipment
    4_1_58В.Б. Гусев, Н.А. Исаева
    Управление реструктуризацией многопродуктового технологического ядра
    4_1_60I. Lipko
    PID Based Path Following Algorithm for the MiddleAUV
    4_1_61G. Martinov, A. Zakharov
    The Specifics of Building a Cross-Platform OPC UA Server for a CNC System
    4_1_64G. Martinov, P.A. Nikishechkin
    The Practice of Using a SoftPLC to Control the Electromechanical Units of a Training Turning Machine
    4_1_65A.N. Diligenskaya
    Numerical Solution of Inverse Heat Conductivity Problem Based on Minimax Optimization
    4_1_67В.Б. Гусев
    Применение экстремального регулятора для управления инерционным объектом
    Секция 4.2. Промышленные мехатронные системы и робототехника
    4_2_2S.V. Tararykin, V.V. Apolonskiy
    Comparative Study and Improvement of Methods of Compensating the Influence of Backlash in Kinematic Transmissions of Electromechanical Tracking Systems
    4_2_3A.A. Anisimov, M.E. Sorokovnin, S.V. Tararykin
    Forming Optimality Criteria for Mechatronic Control Systems Using a Fuzzy Logic
    4_2_5W. K. Shaker, А. Klimchik
    Simulation Study for Robot-based Single Point Incremental Forming
    4_2_6А.Д. Воронков
    Разработка программного комплекса для моделирования алгоритмов захвата объектов априорно неизвестной формы
    4_2_7D. Afonin, A. Pechurin, S. Jatsun
    Algorithm for Controlling the Movement of a Robotic Aircraft Towing System along a Contrast Line
    4_2_8M.A. Kharkov, P.V. Karlov, A.A. Zelensky
    Development and Research of Methods for Designing Electronic Controls for Cyber-Physical Systems and Multi-Coordinate Mechatronic Technological Complexes
    4_2_9S. Sukhorukov, A. Ovsyannikov, S. Lepekhina
    The Operation Algorithm of the Control System for the Wire Feeding and Positioning Module for the Robotic 3D Printing Complex
    Секция 4.3. Микропроцессорные системы управления
    4_3_1J.F. Kurbanov, A.A. Saitov
    Microprocessor System Control Stage of Railway Tracks
    4_3_2J.F. Kurbanov, Z.B. Toshboyev
    Improving the Control Method of the Decelerator Mechanism on the Sorting Hill in Railway Transport
    4_3_5V. Olonichev, B. Staroverov, M. Smirnov
    Adaptive Structural and Parametric Identification of Dynamic Objects for Real Control Systems
    4_3_7M.A. Vernezi, A.D. Lukyanov, E.A. Vernezi, D.N. Savenkov
    Modern Methods for Processing Magnetically Induced Signals for Detecting Metal Objects in the Agricultural Industry
    4_3_9A. Repnikov, A. Yakovlev, M. Kukhtik
    Depelopment of an Automated Control System for Supply and Exhaust Ventilation of the High-Voltage Frequency Converter Room
    4_3_10N. Sil’yanov
    Decreasing the Time of Testing and Programming Flash Memory in the Microprocessor Unit
    Секция 4.4. Датчики и системы технического зрения
    4_4_1S. Lyasheva, R. Safina, M. Shleymovich
    Application of Image Weight Models to Increase Canny Contour Detector Resilience to Interference
    4_4_2M. Nabi, I. Bordanov
    Research of Forest Fire Detection on Satellite Images
    4_4_4A. Chernikov, E. Smirnova, O. Zhavoronkov
    Research of Neural Network Methods of Visual Defectoscopy of Metal Structures
    4_4_5V.V. Shevchenko, I.V. Anikin
    Generation of Cryptographic Keys and Person’s Verification Based on face Biometric
    4_4_6R. Vestnikov, D. Stepanov, A. Bakhshiev
    Development of Neural Network Algorithms for Early Detection of Drowning in Swimming Pools
    4_4_8A.A. Komarskiy, A.V. Ponomarev, N.S. Korzhenevskiy
    Numerical Modeling and Experimental Study of Hidden Minerals in Waste Rock Using Dual-Energy X-ray Image Processing
    4_4_9K.A. Palaguta, V.A. Shiryaev, N.V. Grunenkov
    Shadow Optical Sensor of Linear Dimensions and Displacements Based on a Charge-Coupled Photodetector
    4_4_10Hein Htet Zaw, Zaw Hein, E.M. Portnov
    Development of Mathematical Methods and Algorithms for Filtering Images Obtained from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Camera
    4_4_12Labib Omar Abdullah Saleh, S.V. Khlopin, Ph.G. Tarasevskii
    Algorithm for Determining the Concentration of Impurities in a Liquid from Optical Data
    4_4_13А.П. Владимиров
    Динамическая спекл-диагностика деформаций, повреждений и ресурса деталей машин
    4_4_14N. Cherkasov, M. Ivanov, A. Ulanov
    Weld Surface Defect Detection Based on a Laser Scanning System and YOLOv5
    4_4_15N. Cherkasov, M. Ivanov, A. Ulanov
    Classification of Weld Defects Based on Computer Vision System Data and Deep Learning
    Секция 4.5. Теория и практика динамических измерений
    4_5_1N.K. Yurkov, I.M. Rybakov, E.T. Eskibaev
    The System of Measuring Thermal Conductivity of Bodies with Internal Heat Sources in Modern Aerospace Vehicles Operation Control
    4_5_2G. Uteev, N.I. Pikuleva, A.Sh. Khafizova
    Automated Input/Output Device for Analog and Digital Signals
    4_5_3А.Н. Шульгин, О.А. Чуприна, О.А. Шахова, В.В. Пыхов
    Выбор аппроксимирующих зависимостей для определения степени корреляции режимов обработки
    4_5_4A. Prygunov, D. Buklanov, I. Pugachev
    Construction of a Phase-Locked Loop System Using Holographic Photonics
    4_5_5N.I. Yumagulov, D.A. Fedorov, D.V. Topolsky
    Fistula Condition Monitoring System by the Noise Changes Dynamics
    Секция 4.6. Моделирование и компьютерные технологии в промышленности
    4_6_1O.N. Kuzyakov, E.P. Vlasova
    Features of Modeling of Microprocessor Protection of a Transformer
    4_6_3A. Vozmilov, R. Ilimbetov, S. Panishev
    Development of a Mathematical Model of the Electric Field Strength of an Electrostatic Filter Based on Experimental Data
    4_6_4D. Nikishov, A. Antonov
    Automated Generation of SPICE Models of Memristor-Based Neural Networks from Python Models
    4_6_5Yu.A. Podgornova, L. Korolev
    GPSS Modelling of Memristor-Based Computing Systems
    4_6_6S.G. Gutova, M.A. Novoseltseva, E.S. Kagan
    Comparative Analysis of Digital Modeling Methods: The Example of Additive Manufacturing Processes
    4_6_8V.V. Martynov, E.I. Filosova, N.N. Zvereva
    Computer Technologies for Modeling the Competencies of Employees of Industrial Enterprises as Part of a Digital Twin of a Person
    4_6_9А. Kolodenkova, S. Vereshchagina
    Method for Selecting Diagnostic Parameters Using Information Technologies Under a Set of Various Types of Information
    4_6_10Yu. Preobrazhenskiy, T. Avetisyan, A. Preobrazhenskiy
    Modeling Antenna Array with Vibrator Antennas for Problem of Dead on Arrival
    4_6_13V. Ryabchenko, M. Lankin, A. Lankin
    Method For Detecting Assembly Defects In Electronic Components Using The Method Of Principal Components
    4_6_16Khanh Doan Huu, Tuan Dinh Anh, Tuan Hoang Duc
    A Real-Time Model Using Interpolation Method and Semi-Empirical Formulas to Estimate Fuel Consumption for Cargo Ships
    4_6_18S. Rudometov, V. Okolnishnikov, S. Zhuravlev
    Possibility of Distributed Simulation in the MTSS Simulation System
    4_6_20Б.И. Баянов
    Метод квантования биометрических данных рукописного почерка в нечетких экстракторах
    4_6_22S.V. Oskin, Z.H. Naguchev, A.V. Miroshnikov
    Investigation of the Temperature State of Electric Motors with a Decrease in the Speed of Rotation of the Rotor
    4_6_23S. Vyalkova, I. Nadtoka, O. Kornyukova
    Application of Neural Networks to Predict Power Consumption of a Megapolis
    4_6_24M.A. Gorkavyy, Y.S. Ivanov, D.M. Grabar, Y.A. Tyurina
    Human Factor Modelling in the Collaborative Robotic Process Control System
    4_6_25G. Samigulina, Z. Samigulina, D. Porubov
    Development of an Adaptive Technology for Distance Learning of Microprocessor Technology Based on Immunological Homeostasis
    4_6_28S. Solodusha, Yu. Kokonova
    Simulation of Nonlinear Dynamic Processes with Volterra Polynomials and Continued Fractions
    4_6_30P. Shonazarov, S. Darovskikh, B. Saidov
    Modeling the Spectral Characteristics of Audio Signals Using the Fourier Transform
    4_6_31O. Filipovich, G. Nevar
    The Mathematical Model of Two-Parameter Selective Set-Making and Assembly of Two Elements
    4_6_32A. Bozhenyuk, M. Knyazeva, O. Kosenko
    Modeling of Complex Processes and Systems Based on Fuzzy Cognitive Temporal Graphs
    4_6_33А.В. Папков, Д.В. Лучко
    Результаты сравнительных ресурсных испытаний систем изоляции класса нагревостойкости Н (180°С) тяговых двигателей электровозов с использованием полиэфиркетоновой и полиимидной пленок
    4_6_34A. Bozhko
    Analysis of Geometric Obstacles in the Assembly of Complex Products: A Lattice-Theoretic Approach
    4_6_36I. Danilushkin
    State-Space Model of Spatially Distributed Flow Heating with Time-Varying Parameters
    4_6_37А.Б. Найзабеков, С.Н. Лежнев, И.Е. Волокитина, Е.А. Панин
    Компьютерное моделирование процесса предварительной термической обработки медных и латунных сплавов
    4_6_38Е.А. Панин, А.В. Волокитин, А.Б. Найзабеков, С.Н. Лежнев, И.Е. Волокитина
    Исследование совмещенных процессов интенсивной пластической деформации с помощью моделирования методом конечных элементов
    4_6_41O. Yanochkina, I. Chernetskaya, D. Tsukanov
    Merging Bifurcation in a Pulse-Width Modulated Control System
    4_6_45A.V. Vokhmintsev, O.I. Khristodulo, L.Y. Polyakova
    Mapping System to Interprete a Fracture Zones in Seismic Data Based on an Autoencoder and Generative Adversarial Networks
    4_6_46I. Bordanov, A. Antonov, L. Korolev
    Simulation of Calculation Errors in Memristive Crossbars for Artificial Neural Networks
    4_6_47A.A Taratorin, A.B. Mukhametov
    Modelling Plate Silencers Elements for Large Industrial Facilities
    4_6_48E. Kochegurova, A. Kaida, M. Galkina
    Recurrent Penalized Splines for Real-Time Forecasting of the Parameters of Technical Systems
    4_6_49N. Voit, S. Bochkov, M. Ukhanova
    Verification of Design, Technological and Operational Errors of Situational Class in Computer-Aided Design
    4_6_50S. Vasiliev, D. Korobkin, S. Fomenkov
    Extracting the Component Composition Data of Inventions from Russian Patents using Dependency Tree Analysis
    4_6_55N. Toichkin, V. Bogatikov, G. Sanaeva
    Safety Index Calculating Method for Technological Process State Assessing
    4_6_56С.А. Курганов, Д.А. Шолохов
    Параметрическая идентификация многозвенных RLC-схем четырехполюсников на основе двухчастотного эксперимента
    4_6_58V.A. Bogatyrev, V.V. Sivov, S.V. Bogatyrev
    Choice of Disciplines for Recovery of a Fault-Tolerant Cluster with Continuous Availability of an Analytical DBMS
    4_6_60Aung Kyaw Myo, A.M. Bain, E.M. Portnov
    Development of a Load Distribution Model for Information Processing Centers in Automated Power Supply Control Systems
    4_6_61V. Mokshin, I. Kychkin, A. Minigaliev
    Adaptive Machine Learning Methods in Oil Well Research
    4_6_62P.S. Medvedev, V.V. Mokshin
    Researching Computer Vision Techniques to Detect Safety Violations
    4_6_63S. Solodusha, V. Spiryaev, E. Antipina
    Identification of Integral Models of Nonlinear Dynamics by the Product Integration Method with Digital Signal Processing
    4_6_64S. Yudin, A. Mikhailov, S. Tretyakov
    Determination of the Finishing Operation Technological Features of an Aircraft Sensor Using The Industrial Internet of Things Tools
    4_6_65A. Korelin, N. Trufanova
    Mathematical Modeling of the Vulcanization Process of Polyethylene Insulation
    4_6_68T.R. Gazizov, A. Alhaj Hasan, T.M. Nguyen
    A Simple Modeling Methodology for Creating Hidden Antennas
    4_6_69 A.A. Vorontsov, Yu.N. Slesarev
    Investigation of Influence Waveguide Diameter on Output Signal in Magnetostrictive Displacement Transducers Taking into Account the Phenomenon of Surface Effect
    4_6_70O. Filipovich,V. Filipovich
    Determination the Selective Assembly Indicators of Two Elements with an Output Parameter in the Form of a Product of Input
    4_6_71E. Danilina
    Development of a Mathematical Model for Electromagnetic Field of a Thin Conductive Shell with Cuts
    4_6_72A.A. Kolpakov, D.V. Beilekchi, A.Yu. Proskuryakov
    Methodology of Evaluation of the Software and Hardware Structure of the Telecommunications Complex of Loudspeaker Communication
    4_6_73A.A. Kabanov, I.Y. Lipko, K.V. Dementiev
    6-DOF AUV Identification with MIMO-NARX
    4_6_74I.Y. Sagiyeva, S.S. Zhuravlev, T.R. Gazizov
    Convergence of Characteristics of a Microstrip Line with Rectangular and Rounded Conductors of Different Widths
    4_6_78A.O. Danilin, M.Y. Ibatulin
    Development of Systems and Method of Predictive Maintenance in Production Using Industrial Sensors
    4_6_79М.А. Мезенцев, Б. Мыктыбеков, А.В. Синицын, А.Ю. Ежов, Д.В. Афанасьев, Д.С. Пальчиков
    Моделирование и автоматизация технологического процесса получения изделий из слоистых композиционных материалов применительно к силовым установкам